[cairo] COM-Binding (was: Clipper for Cairo (a different) :))

Olaf Schmidt sss at online.de
Thu Nov 4 17:46:37 PDT 2010

"Andrea Canciani" <ranma42 at gmail.com> schrieb

[New Bindings]
> I added it to the binding page.
> Please check if everything is fine and remember that it is a wiki,
> so you can just add/fix it ;)

Oh nice, didn't know that...

Just added an entry for my COM-Wrapper (you know ...
the "ActiveX-stuff" ;-) - useful mainly for VB5/6 and VBA-
developers - but should work with any language (or Win-
Application-environment - as e.g. AutoCAD for Win)
that supports COM-Interfaces or -Objects and can offer
an "hDC" (for the "final Blit").

Olaf Schmidt

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