[cairo] [Recording Surface] Does Recording Surface support thread safety?

Keun Yong Lee tros07 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 19:42:26 PDT 2011

Dear All

As you know, the most important concept of webkit2 is the separation between
UI Process and Webkit Process.
So, I got a question for thread safety issue whether multi UI process can
access a recording surface was already created by certain UI process.

Below list is a example of my question. I think there are many additional
issue for thread safety of recording surface except below list.

1) "UI Process 1" create a "recording surface 1".
    Can "UI Process 2" access and replay "recording surface 1"?
2) Can a recording surface be replayed well although multi UI process access
same recording surface at the same time?
3) Is there possibility that recorded data of recording surface are modified
by multi accessing if 1) and 2) is possible ?
4) etc...

If recording surface itself support thread safety , UI application developer
can use recording surface easily.
If not, UI application developer should add special treatment for thread
safety(like lock) when multiple UI process the use same recording surface.

Please give your opinion whether recording surface itself support thread
safety .

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