[cairo] possible regression with cario 1.12.10-1

Guillaume Ayoub guillaume.ayoub at kozea.fr
Tue Jan 22 02:24:43 PST 2013

Le mardi 22 janvier 2013 à 09:31 +0530, phani a écrit :
> after upgrading cairo 1.12.8-2 -> 1.12.10-1 from archlinux [extra], i  
> found that zooming of images in GIMP (2.8.2 stable as well as 2.9 GIT  
> master) didn't work properly anymore:
> as soon as the image gets larger than the size GIMP displays on opening  
> the file (fit into window), the image breaks up into apparently random,  
> rectangular tiles. panning the image so that parts of it leave the screen  
> restores those parts.
> also, using tools like scissors or path, leaves artefacts on the image  
> that can be removed the same way, i.e., swivelling / panning the image  
> across all screen borders.
> i've tried various things, like downgrading kernel & video drivers, to no  
> avail. finally it was suggested on the arch users' mailing list to  
> downgrade cairo, which solved the problem.

Exactly the same here with the Epiphany web browser, some images (JPGs
and PNGs for example, not the text) are broken by random artefacts,
these artefacts can be removed by scrolling/resizing the window.

I can provide screenshots and even git bisect if needed.

(Gentoo, 64 bit, kernel 3.7, Intel i7-3610QM, Xorg

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