[cairo] cairocffi and GDK-PixBuf for decoding JPEG and other image formats

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at exyr.org
Sat Mar 2 14:00:26 PST 2013

Le 02/03/2013 20:04, Bill Spitzak a écrit :
> I may not have been very clear in my ImageMagic suggestion.
> Cairo needs to provide some sample code that shows how to use a
> third-party library to read an image from disk and get it on-screen.
> The existence of such code for Pango has pretty much evaporated all the
> requests to improve the toy font api to handle multiple fonts.
> It would be ideal if this is an already-popular library that can be
> installed easily on a normal Linux distribution.
> I'm pretty certain if there was just some example code that read a file
> using this library into a buffer and turned it into a cairo source, and
> perhaps drew it onto a destination, everybody would copy it, everybody
> would use this library, and people would stop using the png api.

I don’t see why people should stop using the PNG API when it’s working 
for them (ie. the files are known to be PNG.)

But I agree it would be great to have easy-to-use code for loading 
images in many formats into cairo. I hope cairocffi.pixbuf can be it, 
for Python. GDK-PixBuf is used in GTK+, and is thus packaged everywhere.

(By the way, the code shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to pycairo, if 
compatibility with PyGTK or PyGObject is required.)

Simon Sapin

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