[cairo] Unsymmetrical rotation

Blagoj Kupev bkupev at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 06:33:10 PST 2013

I'm trying to rotate a png image with origin in the centre of the image and
then try to put it to a gtk window with offset, but the placement does not
work as I'm expecting.

The code:
  cairo_t *cr;
  int w, h;
  int x_origin, y_origin;

  //Load an image from file
  cairo_surface_t *surf1 =
  w = cairo_image_surface_get_width (surf1);
  h = cairo_image_surface_get_height (surf1);

  //Create the cairo context
  cr = gdk_cairo_create (widget->window);

  //Initialize the image to white transparent
  cairo_set_source_rgba(cr, 0, 0, 0, 1);

  x_origin = w/2;
  y_origin = h/2;
  x_offset = 0;

  cairo_translate (cr, x_origin, y_origin);
  cairo_rotate (cr, (2*3.14*angle/360));

  cairo_set_source_surface(cr, surf1, -x_origin+x_offset, -y_origin);

In this case for any angle the rotated image starts from the top left
corner and is symmetrical. But if I try to set value different than 0 in
x_offset the position of the image is offset differently according to the
angle. So if i set x_offset = 50 and angle = 20; then the image is moved
not only in x direction but in y as well. For same offset but different
angle the image is placed at different x and y offsets.

So, I'm wondering how to rotate the image and set it with offset that is
different than 0 and the image is always placed there regardless of the
value set in angle?

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