[cairo] cairo-wideint.c typos?

Barnes, Peter D. barnes26 at llnl.gov
Wed Jan 15 14:01:05 PST 2014

Hello Folks,

It looks like there are some typos in cairo-wideint.c:

To implement ...int128_not(a) cairo-wideint-private.h declares one function and several defines, depending on the available features:

231:  cairo_uint128_t I _cairo_uint128_not (cairo_uint128_t a);

251:  #define           _cairo_int128_not(a)   _cairo_uint128_not (a)

273:  #define           _cairo_uint128_not(a)  (~(a))

293:  #define           _cairo_int128_not(a)   (~(a))

The only ...128_not defined in cairo-wideint.c is:

670:  cairo_int128_t    _cairo_int128_not (cairo_int128_t a)

To match the declaration, this should be:

670:  cairo_uint128_t    _cairo_uint128_not (cairo_uint128_t a)

Similar typo for 
621: cairo_int128_t      _cairo_int128_negate (cairo_int128_t a)

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