[cairo] Compilation errors with MSVC after recent changes to 'cairo-path-stroke-traps.c'

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Oct 4 10:54:07 PDT 2014

On 04/10/2014 18:26, John Emmas wrote:
>     cairo-path-stroke-traps.c(302) : error C2440: 'initializing' : 
> cannot convert from 'cairo_point_t' to 'cairo_fixed_t'
> The stated line (302) seems to be newly added and looks like this:-
>     cairo_point_t t[] = { in->point, *inpt, *outpt };
> Similar errors are occurring at lines 303, 464 and 465.  MSVC seems to 
> be objecting to the array elements for some reason.

I've discovered a bit more information which should be helpful....

The problem seems to be due to the compiler not providing a default copy 
c'tor for 'cairo_point_t'  Or (to put it another way) the offending 
lines work fine if I compile as C++ but not if I compile as regular 'C'.

Sadly however, compiling as C++ just throws up a whole host of other 
problems elsewhere  :-(

Hope that helps,


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