[cairo] Cairocks, etc.

Jeremy Moles cubicool at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 10:11:59 PST 2015

(I tried to bump my old 2014 Cairocks post yesterday, but it doesn't 
appear to have worked. So I'm posting something totally new.)

I've have been slowly adding features to my Cairo utility library over 
the last few years. It has actually become quite mature over the last 
few months, and I wanted to shoot another post to the lists to encourage 
people to check it out and add their own tidbits to it. Here are some links:


Example code for using cairo-gl and SDL2:


In addition to getting comments (and perhaps more code!), I'd like to 
solicit some feedback on whether a name change on my project might 
encourage other people to use and/or take it more seriously. I was 
thinking something like "cairoutil" or "cairou" (with the additional "u" 
being in the style of libGLU for OpenGL).

NOTE: There is also a nice little cairocffi-based Python3 companion 
module with Cairocks: cairockscffi. It uses Simon Sapin's fantastic 
module, and even has a hook for merging/monkey-patching the cairocks API 
with a standard cairocffi.Context class. Neat stuff.

Anyways, enjoy! And let me know how you feel about the name change.

P. S. If you have __ANY__ neat little tidbits of Cairo code laying 
around you think I might like, please send it my way! I BEG OF YOU! :) 
We use Cairo here at the office for our medical software, and I 
literally would not have a job without it!

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