[cairo] implems double buffering in Cairo

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Wed Feb 10 17:33:38 UTC 2016

On 09.02.2016 23:37, Alex Vazquez wrote:
> Hi!
> i have some tearing in my app. And I think implement a double buffering.
> My first idea is have two buffers and 1 cairo_surface but i don know if
> it's possible swap  the buffer once the cairo_surface has been created.

I don't know much about cairo internals, but i think that double-buffering
usually involves some kind of output device, on which stuff can be drawn
from different sources. Usually that kind of stuff is buried deep in the
very output device interface, which would, at best, expose it to you on its
own terms, and at worst not have it at all.

I think that maybe explaining what kind of surface you're actually using
would at least bring some certainty about your situation and prompt people
to tell you exactly how double-buffering is [not] done for these kinds of

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