[cairo] Assertion failed (Windows 10 x64)

Martin Koppehel mkoppehel at embedded.enterprises
Mon May 28 17:42:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'm experiencing some weird behavior with cairo 1.15.2 when running on
Windows 10 x64.
I have some code which renders paths using HarfBuzz and FreeType and
occasionally, my program just crashes.

In order to debug this, I redirected stderr to a file and got the
following output:

Assertion failed!

Program: test.exe
File: cairo-pattern.c, Line 1064

Expression: CAIRO_REFERENCE_COUNT_HAS_REFERENCE (&pattern->ref_count)
Assertion failed!

Any idea how I can fix this?
I'm happy to provide source code, even though I can't share it publicly.

Best regards,

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