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Anwar Moukaddem anwar.moukaddem at gmail.com
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Hi Eric,
I am compiling the sources
As for APT, it's mainly for dependencies that are not on the system.
libcairo2-dev is one of those.  
I see your point, but what else to do if you aim to compile the list
https://www.gtk.org/docs/installations/linux/ ?!  This list is not
even on APT, not for the same versions.   
You're suggesting I contact GTK.maybe that's an avenue as well.
Take care, 
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Hi Anwar,

My understanding is that you use apt to get the cairo package on
Ubuntu and this breaks Ubuntu. If this is the case, then ask on the
Ubuntu mailing list. 

Some things that you want to think about before asking. If you get
cairo from a different source than apt and have a different version
than what Ubuntu expects, you can build cairo in your working
directory with "make" but don't use "make install" to add the built
shared library to the system or else bad things will happen. That is
true of a GTK build that Ubuntu doesn't expect also. Ubuntu works with
certain versions of libraries on purpose and apt gets those checked
versions. You can't expect Ubuntu to be able to run with any version
of a library and be stable. You can always test the built cairo
version in a working directory without it being installed to a system

GTK has a lot of dependencies and like Ubuntu needs to check what
versions of the different libraries work with a certain GTK build. If
you want to build GTK4 or another version and test with it you can. I
have used jhbuild to build different versions of GTK to test on
Ubuntu. That way you don't mess with the system libraries and can test
different versions of GTK. For questions about building GTK it is best
to ask on GTK Discourse. There are some folks there that know a lot
more about building GTK than I do.

Hope this helps,
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