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Fri Apr 10 01:43:10 UTC 2020

Apt gets libs, header files and such for your current system. If you install a library version that breaks Ubuntu, you should be able to use apt to get the correct version of the library that Ubuntu needs to work. Use apt for anything on your current Ubuntu system.

If you need to build different specified versions of GTK for use with a program, it is my understanding that you can use snapd or flatpak to package the needed GTK library with the program. I don't have experience with this.

If you build GTK in a working directory, you should still be able to test with it. With gcc you can link with a local shared library to test. Just don't "sudo make install" the library on Ubuntu. Take a look at jhbuild also. 

I mentioned GTK Discourse in the last post but you probably want to lookup GNOME Discourse which has GTK questions also. I have seen some jhbuild questions in the past and there are some developers there that might be able to help out with what you are trying to do.


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