[cairo] cairographics.org website

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Fri Dec 11 07:04:50 UTC 2020

Cairo has an ok website but it's gotten quite antiquated.  Originally it
was maintained as a git-based wiki, however the wiki was turned off (I
think; before my time) for security reasons.  And more recently, with
the migration of freedesktop to new hosting, the automatic git updates
stopped working.  For the 1.17.4 release I had to do some manual
fiddling on the server.  Whomever replaces me will find the whole setup
funkily flimsy.

Before I go, I'd like to throw this idea out there:

Maintaining a website is a separate skillset than maintaining a
codebase, and there are a LOT better ways to maintain a website than the
way Cairo is using currently, so if someone was interested in doing a
from-scratch redesign of the Cairo website, that could be a great
contribution to the project and potentially could help a lot in
revitalizing it.

Since the way the website is maintained is cumbersome in many ways, I
would suggest all options be on the table for consideration.  But that
said, here are my random thoughts that can be used to help elucidate
possible requirements:

* The biggest source of new content is the release announcements.  Make
  sure it is trivially easy for the release manager to add news items
  for releases.  Ideally, whomever makes releases should have no extra
  task to add a news item beyond the regular release announcement.
  (Currently, it's a bit involved...)

* There's a lot in the website that probably could be dropped.  In
  particular, a lot of stuff in the Examples section and maybe some
  items under Documentation.  I tried to prune out 404'd info but keep
  as much in place as possible, but perhaps being more selective would
  result in a better 'less is more' solution.

* I certainly don't think Cairo needs a full CMS.  However, with it now
  being hosted via gitlab I expect there are easier solutions for how
  the site is edited and extended.  I.e. maybe worth converting pages to

* https://www.cairographics.org/download/ needs re-thought out.  This is
  presumably one of the most tangibly important pages the website
  provides.  It's too lengthy and too wordy, and some of it may be out
  and out wrong.  I would suggest all the platform-specific stuff should
  become links to external info, and the page should more focus on
  building from the devel vs stable tarballs and checkouts.

If anyone wishes to volunteer to take on this task, I can give you some
support getting started if you contact me before the end of the year and
show me some website work you've been doing so far.


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