[cairo] cairographics.org website

Mohit Sindhwani ml3p at onghu.com
Fri Dec 11 09:30:02 UTC 2020

Hi Bryce,

On 2020-12-11 3:04 pm, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Cairo has an ok website but it's gotten quite antiquated.  Originally it
> was maintained as a git-based wiki, however the wiki was turned off (I
> think; before my time) for security reasons.  And more recently, with
> the migration of freedesktop to new hosting, the automatic git updates
> stopped working.  For the 1.17.4 release I had to do some manual
> fiddling on the server.  Whomever replaces me will find the whole setup
> funkily flimsy.
> Before I go, I'd like to throw this idea out there:

I have not used Gitlab but I know Github has Github pages that use a 
combination of Jekyll + Markdown to publish directly from a repository. 
It's a static site generator and I'm sure that GitLab has something similar.

I'd like you to consider 2 questions while we wait for others to respond:
1. Do you expect that updates are done only by a couple of people or 
would it be a more wiki style system where anyone can update it? 
Generally, I do feel that wiki style pages work well for technical 
content while static website style pages work well for websites (CMS style)
2. I used to use the Radiant CMS for a long time but it is not actively 
developed on a modern Ruby (and Rails) any more. So, I can see it can be 
done in any platform of this kind.

Briefly, it doesn't look like a lot of pages (~50 or so), so it might 
not be difficult to move to some alternative.

I personally also feel that the biggest issue is the design :)

I will take a look later to form an opinion also.

Best Regards,

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