[Clipart] Announcing Document-Manager 0.03

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Sun Aug 15 01:05:47 PDT 2004

I've released a new version of the Document-Manager package to CPAN.
It's far from complete but has received a huge amount of development.
It should be available on CPAN within a few hours.

I've split the original code into two modules:  Document::Repository and
Document::Manager.  The former is the underlying core that performs the
low-level operations on the repository and presents a simple API for
interacting with it such as add() and get().  Document::Manager will
provide a higher level interface that wraps Document::Repository and
adds concepts such as locking, properties, and searching.

For this release I mainly focused on fleshing out Document::Repository. 
I also added a script, 'repo_add', that tests out the add() function.
It can be used like this:

 $ mkdir ~/DMS
 $ echo 'foo' > foo
 $ repo_add  foo  -R ~/DMS
 Created document id '17'

Since no access control is available yet, repo_add can be considered an
administrative script.  

The default location for the repository is /var/dms, but it can be
overridden by the -R flag as shown above.  

Document::Repository also includes some other routines:  get(),
documents(), revisions(), and stats().


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