[Clipart] ROADMAP towards Milestone 6!!! + RFE

jon jon at rejon.org
Mon Aug 30 06:09:49 PDT 2004

Yes, I'm kinda jet-lagged right now, but I am trying to get on the release for
what will be later in the day MONDAY for you all...and on TUESDAY as well.

I'm now stationed in SEOUL until MARCH, so I finally have a stable location to
work from with fast internet and less American antics (not that there is
anything wrong with that)...


On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 15:25:20 -0700 (PDT), Bryce Harrington wrote
> On Sat, 14 Aug 2004, Jon Phillips wrote:
> > Thus, if we stay somewhat close in our release cycle, then towards the
> > end of the month, like the 28th, we should start trying to make sure
> > files are metadata filled etc.
> A lot more images had keywords and metadata this time around.  I filled
> in a bunch that had been submitted previously without keywords, using
> (Niku's?) categorization.  There's still a lot of images that don't have
> this info, and still some dozes of metadata-less images that need to 
> be gone through.  
> Basically, at this time we need volunteers to do the following tasks:
>    * Clear out files that made it into the release
>      + Foreach file, see if a file by the same name exists in the 
> 0.06       release.     + If so, delete it from the incoming/ dir.   
>   + Else, leave it
>    * Handle Wrong Format files:
>      + http://openclipart.org/incoming/wrong_format/
>        /projects/clipart/public_html/incoming/wrong_format/
>      + Remove anything that lacks metadata info
>      + Move packages of raster clipart to public_html/downloads/
>      + Move examples of clipart usage to public_html/examples/
>      + Delete simple renderings of existing clipart
>      + For anything left, decide what to do on a case-by-case basis
>    * Handle Failed files:
>      + If the file has no metadata and no way to determine its 
> author,       move to public_html/rejected/     + If more info is 
> needed, send author an email to resubmit it with       metadata, and 
> leave the image in place for now.     + Otherwise, add the metadata 
> and re-upload it to the site for        the next release.
> Whatever doesn't get caught by the above three steps can be left 
> there, and we'll take care of them later.
> An additional task is to go through the sodipodi-flags collection and
> put SVG metadata into each of the images.  I think this could be done
> programmatically, so would be a good little scripting task for someone.
> > Because we will have selected a logo this release, it seems that this
> > should be our first mega-release to the Open Source community. What do
> > you all think about this? Plus, if we ramp up this release, then we are
> > catapulting into the high-work time season of Open Source, which is
> > post-summer/fall.
> It'd be nice to try to get word out more widely for this release than
> last time.  We've got things better organized than before, and the tools
> are working quite a bit better and should be fine with handling a large
> influx. 
> We really need to attract a few more technical types to help with
> improving the website and with processing the submitted clip art.
> Bryce

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