[Clipart] Raising activity

"Áki G. Karlsson" aki at akademia.is
Tue Jun 8 06:23:57 PDT 2004

I think this is pretty cool, especially for your average click-n-drool 
windows user. Too bad the images can only be scaled down though... :) But 
we are going to have png releases, right? I'm no programmer, but isn't it 
conceivable to have a shellscript take a tarred SVG archive, untar the 
images, convert the lot of them to png with inkscape, and tar them again 
tacking -png at the end of the filename? (correct me if I'm being utopic).

On linux I assume you'd want to have a shared resource (/usr/share/clipart 
or suchlike) and point OpenOffice and other programs there.

One criticism: The installer didn't detect my OpenOffice installation and 
assumed it to be 1.1.0. I had to manually change the directory. Does it 
look for information in the registry?

Best regards


On Tue,  8 Jun 2004 08:27:02 -0400, <fenix at theopencd.net> wrote:

> I think we can raise activity of our site by putting a user friendly
> OpenClipart installer for OOo: (workable on Windows):
> www.theopencd.net/~fenix/OOo/enhancedclipart-installer.exe
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Many users, including me don't want to convert anything from SVGs to ...
> but want everything "just work", and the package mentioned above
> is a step in that direction.
> What do you think about it?
> -Fenix*NBK*
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