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Tue Jun 8 06:50:02 PDT 2004

Quoting "\"Áki G. Karlsson\"" <aki at akademia.is>:

> I think this is pretty cool, especially for your average click-n-drool 
> windows user. Too bad the images can only be scaled down though... :) But 
> we are going to have png releases, right? I'm no programmer, but isn't it 
> conceivable to have a shellscript take a tarred SVG archive, untar the 
> images, convert the lot of them to png with inkscape, and tar them again 
> tacking -png at the end of the filename? (correct me if I'm being utopic).
> Best regards
> Áki

Tar archives are unacceptable on Windows. 
Windows users require greater automation.
Not to mention "shellscript" won't work under Windows.

> One criticism: The installer didn't detect my OpenOffice installation and 
> assumed it to be 1.1.0. I had to manually change the directory. Does it 
> look for information in the registry?

You're right. It's an alpha version, it doesn't detect system properly.
We need to build a better version, but for now,
we need something to stick with.

When I turn Windows users to this site, they all leave disappointed
when they see SVGs...

We need users to help us make better installers, and by the time being, use 

Is there any registry key, that can detect OOo version,
and it's directory?

I found no one. (through I'm not a big expert)
I found many registry entries, but all were OOo version specific,
i.e. this installer won't work with future versions of OOo,
and that is bad behavior.

Again, once we attract enough people to this project,
someone will surely build a good installer.

For now, let's put this experimental installer 
inside "downloads section" - but label it "experimental version".

-Fenix*NBK*, TheOpenCD team member.

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