[Clipart] Is anyone working on categorizing the existing images?

"Áki G. Karlsson" aki at akademia.is
Tue Jun 8 09:18:34 PDT 2004

Can't we just have both?

I mean, a limited number of strong categories, multiple selection at file 
upload just to place the images on the website index with "miscellaneous" 
as default (assuming that there will be a browseable index with thumbnails 
somewhere) and weak categorization as a recommendation for keywords to be 
put into the metadata of the file itself. A search function somewhere 
would then be able search and/or index the metadata according to those.

In the end the metadata is up to the author's fancy... I don't think that 
the upload mechanism should be inserting stuff into the file, but the 
project might set some requirements for inclusion in released packages etc.




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