[Clipart] Pre-release Package for 'openclipart'

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Wed Jun 9 01:42:22 PDT 2004

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> I've gathered together all of the submitted works to the website, added
> niku's most excellent work, and placed them into a new CVS module called
> 'openclipart', available from our CVS repository.  

my mistake: i should have informed you that i reorganized my images and 
created some new categories, like "jigsaw" 
(http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/?gallery=jigsaw) and "symbols" 
(http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/?gallery=symbols), also my scope is to 
eliminate the "misc" category (http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/?gallery=misc) 
- now only 3 images are left in it.
also i plan to kill "special" by redistributing images in other categories

many images suffered some improvements (IMO), so a resync is needed.

i provide now all categories as separate tarballs: 
http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/tarballs/ as well all images in one single 
file: http://nicubunu.ro/clipart/tarballs/all_svg_nicu.tgz

> Here's a listing of the categories:
> 2d_geometry    callouts      flowers      LICENSE.txt             road_signs_uk
> 3d_geometry    clock         folders      logos                   road_signs_us
> animals        coat_of_arms  food         misc                    smileys
> arrows         computer      fruits       misc2                   special
> barcode        computers     games        office                  sports
> batchsvgtopng  CVS           graph_paper  people                  tools
> birthday       drinks        halloween    plot_graphs             toys
> body_parts     electronics   happy        README
> books          flowcharts    landscape    road_signs_scandinavia

IMO, we should integrate some categories, like "birthday" and my "happy" 
(make them parts of a super category?)
also, we have now categories like "folders" and "books" - i provide too 
a folder image and two books in my "office" category. the same for 
"tools" and probably other
and how about duplicate names? i have (not yet uploaded) an ant image. 
obviously named "ant.svg", but there is another one already in "animals"

> These categories include a total of 556 files.

well, after adding my new "jigsaw" and other few new images, it will 
increase to over 600

> The reason I have 'computer' and 'computers', and 'misc' and 'misc2' is
> because niku's work included a README.txt that I wanted to keep
> associated with the stuff he submitted, whereas for the other items the
> authorship and licensing was less obvious.  I would appreciate it if 
> someone could investigate this issue and figure out a better solution.

you can kill my README and unite the folders, it was intended only to 
specify "Public Domain", until we solve it inside the SVG file

> Those who can access the CVS, please review and submit any corrections
> to me.  I plan on doing a release within the next few days.

at least my images suffered a heavy reorganization, so probably you want 
to review it and update images for release


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