[Clipart] Pre-release Package for 'openclipart'

fenix at theopencd.net fenix at theopencd.net
Wed Jun 9 02:56:37 PDT 2004

> > 2d_geometry    callouts      flowers      LICENSE.txt            
> road_signs_uk
> > 3d_geometry    clock         folders      logos                  
> road_signs_us
> > animals        coat_of_arms  food         misc                    smileys
> > arrows         computer      fruits       misc2                   special
> > barcode        computers     games        office                  sports
> > batchsvgtopng  CVS           graph_paper  people                  tools
> > birthday       drinks        halloween    plot_graphs             toys
> > body_parts     electronics   happy        README
> > books          flowcharts    landscape    road_signs_scandinavia

a) Where is the "flags" category gone?

b) People, I think the release should be both as zipped archive of SVGs,
that includes all categories, *and* as a zipped archive of PNGs
that are medium resolution (400x300 and up).

c) Later, we'll build a Windows package like this one:

d) I'm not a big expert of categorization and folders on Unix/Linux Servers,
but on Windows, I would stay with categories, instead of dates.

Anyway all serious information will exist inside metadata of SVGs.
That will include license, author, date, ...

Daniel Carrera is building a program for OOo that can
read from that metadata on the net from your client PC,
and download images on demand. 
His program will fully solves the problem described above.

Also if we use dates for folders, then we will have trouble with
saving categories...


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