[Clipart] Tasks for 'openclipart' package

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Wed Jun 9 16:35:20 PDT 2004

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, [ISO-8859-1] "Áki G. Karlsson" wrote:
> I don't know of any site that accepts unreviewed content directly. After 
> all these years with the Internet people still seem to be extremely wary 
> of letting the users go on unchecked. There usually is some sort of 
> gatekeeper somewhere that you send an email to AFAIK.

Hmm.  I suppose the closest thing would be wiki's image upload thingee. 

> An idea for openclipart.org might be to accept anything to be put in an 
> offline pool and automatically entering the filename into a database 
> marking it "pending" or somesuch. Then anyone of the registered 
> "developers" could change that status having viewed the content. There 
> are enough developers, I assume, that this could work fast. This would 

Yeah that might work, assuming more people volunteer to help with
it.  So far, it's just been me and Jon, and I don't think either of us
has much bandwidth to begin with, and no interest in being moderators.  ;-)

Presently we already have a process that does this, although it is
manual.  Stuff gets uploaded into an incoming directory, and each month
moved into a dated area for archiving.  The current month's stuff is
browsable.  Periodically someone grabs whatever's been uploaded and
packages it for download.

> require an interface to the database accessible only to the developers 
> and then just a display unit for displaying accepted files on the 
> website. A series of checkpoints could be established for accepting 
> content, the most important of which would be a pd declaration submitted 
> in a text file with the image or entered into the svg metadata. An email 
> might also be required so that the reviewer could contact the author for 
> clarification. This sort of process (a sort of "deferred live 
> broadcast") is common in open-source projects AFAIK. Authors wanting to 
> maintain their own collections might be trusted to do so with cvs in a 
> manner similar to the experimental branch of inkscape (correct me if I'm 
> wrong here). Statistics could be provided for pending/accepted/rejected 
> works in the same way as for patches.
> Utopia again... I'll check and see if I can find some canned and ready 
> php code somewhere (probably under "image collections" "photoalbums" or 
> something similar).

For display purposes Sodipodi has an svg->thumbnail php tool.  There
isn't an upload though.

Yeah if you can find an existing tool, that'd probably be the best way
to go.  Would you mind doing some research into this?  Otherwise we need
someone to get going on putting time into coding something, or develop a
manual process and get additional volunteers to devote time to running

> btw. is there a feature request in Inkscape for a metadata dialog? It 
> could be a tab under document options providing the few essential 
> fields... That would be extremely cool. First time I tried copying the 
> md from the wiki into my image it broke, as I forgot to include the 
> namespace declaration for rdf and thought for a few frustrating hours 
> that the editors and viewers simply weren't accepting metadata embedded 
> in svg :)

Yes there is a feature request for that.  You should go look it up and
check that it includes all the details though; sometimes the RFE's are a
bit too sketchy.  Adding a comment to it would also help remind folks
that it's wanted.  :-)

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