[Clipart] Is anyone working on categorizing the existing images?

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Jun 9 19:19:17 PDT 2004

Bruno Coudoin <bruno.coudoin at free.fr> writes:

> > > One weakness of the database, as you propose here, is that you
> > > cannot install it easily and distribute it with a GNU/Linux
> > > distrib.
> > 
> > Oh?  Why not?
> > 
> cliparts are usefull for desktop users and for desktop users, as far
> as I know, distribs do not install databases (like mysql) with the
> desktop profile and that makes sense.

SQLite is small enough to just include, and it's in the public domain.

> If you do a package with your cliparts, you will need to detect
> which database is on the system, or force the use of one, install
> the package and fill up the database. I am not aware of any package
> that does this automaticaly, even if it's technically possible, it's
> rather complex and error prone. Usually, there is a post step in the
> installed tool to create the table and fill up the initial content.

I *think* SQLite just stores the DB in a file, which could just be
distributed along with the stuff.

However, I'm not sure it's necessary to distribute the database; I was
under the impression that the database was an organizational tool that
would help us to categorize the images and automate the release

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