[Clipart] svg_annotate (and announcing SVG::Metadata 0.05)

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Wed Jun 16 18:21:32 PDT 2004

Since adding metadata to your SVG files is cumbersome, especially when
you have a lot of files, I've written a script 'svg_annotate' to perform
this work.

This script is now included within SVG::Metadata, and takes advantage of
its data structure.

You can download it from CPAN, here:


The README has instructions for installing it.  Briefly:

 $ perl Makefile.PL
 $ make
 $ su
 # make install

You will probably also need to install XML::Twig.  You can also get this
from CPAN and install it the same way as above:


Then, to use svg_annotate to add metadata to all files under directory

 $ svg_annotate -a "My Name" my_art/  

This will add metadata to any files that don't already have it,
including setting the license to Public Domain and the title to 
"My Name - <filename>".  (You can override this if you want; see the
manual page for svg_annotate on CPAN).

Let me know if you run into issues.


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