[Clipart] Roadmap

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Fri Jun 25 00:49:44 PDT 2004

Jon Phillips wrote:
> I also updated the roadmap for this release. We decided to solicit for
> SUMMER themed clipart right? We should formulate and send out an email
> very broadly with a specific deadline. Do you all agree? It is important
> in soliciting to provide a deadline, otherwise folks will continuously
> procrastinate.

the announced deadline is 27 June, right?

the "Summer" theme is not represented very well in the images submitted 
and i believe we should think about another way to define milestones.

IMO, the most important steps right now are:
- add metadata to all already submitted images, is a waste to have them 
uploaded and not included in release
- organize images - having as in 0.03 release all images in one single 
directory, named "unsorted" is bearable for 30 images, but not for 
several hundreds or more.

completing those steps will deserve alone a new milestone (IMO)

i also have some concerns about images naming scheme, but more on that 
later, when we will be at that point


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