[Clipart] Tasks for 'openclipart' package

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Fri Jun 25 19:06:18 PDT 2004

On Sat, 26 Jun 2004, [ISO-8859-1] "Áki G. Karlsson" wrote:
> Things are going well. The news of the metadata ui in inkscape is great! 
> I am going fetch the cvs version soon and try it out.
> I haven't been very active looking into these things, and it seems that 
> the essential is being taken care of. One thing I wanted to ask is are 
> you going to be adding functionality to the website with perl or php? 
> Perl may be prudent considering the resources, but I lament to say that 
> I am pretty useless in that area.

I expect we'll be using both php and perl, as desired by the coder in
question.  Most of the stuff we need could be done equally well in
either language, so if someone's more comfortable in one language than
the other, that's cool.  The important thing is getting the
functionality for users.

> One thing I'd really like to see on the roadmap is the comments 
> mechanism previously suggested. I think it would be a real incentive for 
> people to submit their work. Maybe we should go the extra mile of having 
> a "display" page open when the thumbnails are clicked where the comments 
> would show below the image, similar to art.gnome.org for example. It 
> could also take care of issues concerning the display of svg in some 
> browsers using an <embed> tag or some such thing (and even display the 
> svg horizontally centered and offset from top - a real novelty!).

Good idea, I've added it to the roadmap - want to mock something up?
> Some things concerning the website:
> - While I generally like spartan design, I feel that "the clipart site 
> to end all clipart sites" could be a tad more lively. Even a simple 
> logo, or a logo proposition, in the top left would go a long way.

Yeah, we had tried to make a logo earlier but had a hard time getting
something good so decided to wait until good artists with better ideas
showed up.

> - The colors are quite drab, and the umbilical cord with the Inkscape 
> site needs to be severed. How do you think a white/off-white combination 
> would look?

You're probably right; we just needed to get something up quick, since
there was so much stuff needing to get set up.  I think if someone was
willing to put in the time to experiment with some redesign ideas, we
definitely could improve the site a good bit.  You're right that it has
the inkscape look a bit too strongly, and would be nice to gain a more
distinctive look.  

The one thing we really like about the current site is that it's all
self-contained (no dependencies to phpNuke or the like), and is quite
easy to edit and maintain (thanks to CSS).  So with a new site design we 
would want to retain those characteristics.

> - This clipart site has no images! Which is original, but contrary to 
> every expectation. The browseable index will fix that though.

Yeah, tell me about it; it's strange having such an imageless site.
Really, it's just a matter of needing folks to put some time into it -
so far it's just been me and rejon (mainly rejon).  So we definitely
have room to get more people involved in jazzing up the site.


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