[Clipart] Open Clip Art Library Release 0.08 Announcement

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Thu Nov 4 09:08:31 PST 2004

Open Clip Art Library Release 0.08 Announcement


Release 0.08 of the Open Clip Art Library is now available for download 
on the site as an individual package:


And, the library can also be 'browsed' at www.openclipart.org to find 
specific art by searching through categories such as animals, education, 
transportation, or geography.

The new final package is 16.7MB and contains 2181 unique user-submitted 
files. While this package is slightly smaller than the previous, it 
actually includes more unique images that each passed refined validation 
procedures. Each SVG file is checked to see if it contains 'metadata' 
that identifies title, author, keywords, and a license stating the work 
is released into the Public Domain. Perhaps the greatest contribution 
though to this "Flagship Release" is the incorporation of Sodipodi's 
International Flag Collection into the library.

     * Browse flags immediately:
     * There are flags for many countries, US states, and other entities
       including some historical flags.
     * Each flag svg file has embedded metadata describing the content.
     * Flags are located under the geography category.

As the project progresses, so do the tools that are used to maintain and 
develop the project. Behind the scenes developers Bryce Harrington, 
Nathan Eady, Nicu Buculei, Alberto Simões, among others have been 
developing tools to allow for clip art to be submitted, parsed, and made 
metadata-rich easily. The project continues to its striving to make the 
submission process simple, but effective.

For the upcoming 0.09 release, we encourage submission of Christmas and 
New Year's themed artwork, to help users wishing to create works for the 

As this is Open Clip Art Library's first widely announced public 
release, we hope and encourage you to submit your public domain vector 
graphics to the collection. Also, Open Clip Art Library is open to the 
addition of new librarians! The project needs people to help develop the 
website, write parsing tools, to validate submitted artwork, and to use 
the clip art to create new works.

Visit the Library at http://www.openclipart.org/

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