[Clipart] ANN: WebService::TicketAuth 1.00

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Thu Nov 4 10:05:37 PST 2004

I've uploaded the first version of WebService::TicketAuth to CPAN.  It
provides a base class implementing a SOAP interface for an
authentication system.  You can derive from this to integrate your
site's own password validation (e.g., against LDAP or a mysql db).

This also includes an example client/server rig with a login script, to
demonstrate how it can be used in implementing a daemon-based service.  


I've also announced this to the SOAP::Lite list and am hoping for some
critique from them.

(Next step is to create a derived class from this and hook it to our
Mantis user/pass database...)


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