[Clipart] Logging and Statistics

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Sat Nov 6 10:55:16 PST 2004

On Sat, 6 Nov 2004, Jon Phillips wrote:
> I realized (and I have known) that Open Clip Art doesn't have any way of 
> keeping statistics at this point. For Inkscape, it is invaluable to have 
> the stats that Bryce provides with his scripts to be able to chart the 
> projects course.
> Bryce, and others, could you provide some insight into how to go about 
> this, and what should be done? I would like to help on developing this 
> as it is part of the site, and direly needed to track this projects 
> progress.

I have a script that does a cvs checkout and performs some line count
analysis, as well as screen scraping stats off of our SourceForge
account.  Then I do some manual number collection such as the size of
the wiki, etc.

Since for Open Clip Art we don't use SF and don't have a CVS 'codebase',
this script isn't really applicable, except perhaps in concept.

However, you could do well to start by collecting the stats that have
been developed for the monthly releases - number of images, size, etc.
You could also probably find a way to count the number of artists or
number of keyword-based categories in each release.

For mailing list, downloads, and web hits, I'm sure those numbers exist
someplace (log into freedesktop.org and look in typical places like
/var/log, etc.) so probably could be extracted.  There's a lot of log
processing tools out there so hit Freshmeat and explore.  :-)

For DMS, I hope to provide some metrics such as number of contributors,
etc. but this won't be retroactive, so collecting this info from the
existing releases would be worthwhile.  The DMS wouldn't cover mailing
list activity or web hits, so effort to automate collection of that info
separately would be worth the time.


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