[Clipart] More discussion about Delineate/Autotrace images

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Wed Oct 6 13:50:16 PDT 2004

Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> "Jon Phillips" <jon at rejon.org> writes:
>>In adobe streamline (the equivalent), it seems that it interpolates
>>the number of colors and reduces them to a user-defined number, such
>>as 64, 32, 8, etc. So, to limit the colors, or threshold (I'm not
>>sure what it is called in GdkPixBux).
>>The general idea is to simplify the image prior to vectorizing.
> I don't think sacrificing colors is really the way to go.  There's an
> incredible amount of waste in terms of needless control points that
> could be trimmed with no impact on the visual effect or detail.

Then again, indexing the image prior to vectorizing _does_ greatly
reduce the size of the resulting file, without a lot of hand-editing.

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