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Jonathan Leighton turnip at turnipspatch.com
Sat Apr 9 11:10:23 PDT 2005

Jon Phillips wrote:

>Okay, I sat down and thought about this a bit. Here is what I think we
>should do:
>1.) make planet.openclipart.org that represents developers of
>openclipart.org only. I don't we should include the respective projects
>that are affiliated and make this solely focused upon all the
>2.) Make another affiliated project called, create.freedesktop.org that
>has the main page as the planet aggregation of feeds from developers,
>and projects that are used for creative development. This would included
>the types of application you would use to edit multi-media, graphics,
>animation, sound, video, etc. By keeping the name affiliated with
>freedesktop.org is good to keep it somewhat standards-like and then
>also, after the main page, the aggregration becomes popular, use this
>presence as a way to glue together various shared interests amongst
>creative applications. However, I think the core focus should be on the
>aggregation at present. From that main page, a link to a wiki, and other
>ways to encourage participation can be developed.
Both ideas sound good. However, I am unsure about whether I think the
main focus should be solely aggregation. I agree with providing a Planet
for those who want a Planet, but having it as the main focus might
undermine the importance our other goals (which, I would argue, are more
important). Can we not have it at, say,
http://create.freedesktop.org/planet/, then have the main page a Wiki
page, but linking to different areas of the site. A bit like this:

create.freedesktop.org is a subset of freedesktop.org, working on
interoperability and co-operation between creative Free Software
projects. [bla bla bla].

Our main goals are:

    * <a href="/planet/">To provide Planet aggregation of blogs and news
feeds for creative Free Software</a>
    * <a href="/wiki/UI">To encourage a common interface</a>
    * etc.

This would mean that there is a strong focus on the Planet, whilst
avoiding it becoming the *only* focus.

>I think this seems like a good way to consolidate what we are talking
>about here, and also provide progress. I thought about the name a lot
>and came to this conclusion. If you all agree, then NICU, can you take
>the lead on the planet.openclipart.org, and then I can get the subdomain
>and new project-dom for the create.freedesktop.org from fd.o. Then maybe
>both NICU and Jonathan, you can help implement the
>create.freedesktop.org site with the planet aggregation.
Sure. Is this more or less of a priority than WordPress-ing the OCAL news?


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