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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat Apr 9 11:00:48 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 18:10 +0000, Jonathan Leighton wrote:
> Jon Phillips wrote:
> >Okay, I sat down and thought about this a bit. Here is what I think we
> >should do:
> >
> >1.) make planet.openclipart.org that represents developers of
> >openclipart.org only. I don't we should include the respective projects
> >that are affiliated and make this solely focused upon all the
> >developers.
> >
> >2.) Make another affiliated project called, create.freedesktop.org that
> >has the main page as the planet aggregation of feeds from developers,
> >and projects that are used for creative development. This would included
> >the types of application you would use to edit multi-media, graphics,
> >animation, sound, video, etc. By keeping the name affiliated with
> >freedesktop.org is good to keep it somewhat standards-like and then
> >also, after the main page, the aggregration becomes popular, use this
> >presence as a way to glue together various shared interests amongst
> >creative applications. However, I think the core focus should be on the
> >aggregation at present. From that main page, a link to a wiki, and other
> >ways to encourage participation can be developed.
> >  
> >
> Both ideas sound good. However, I am unsure about whether I think the
> main focus should be solely aggregation. I agree with providing a Planet
> for those who want a Planet, but having it as the main focus might
> undermine the importance our other goals (which, I would argue, are more
> important). Can we not have it at, say,
> http://create.freedesktop.org/planet/, then have the main page a Wiki
> page, but linking to different areas of the site. A bit like this:

> -----
> create.freedesktop.org is a subset of freedesktop.org, working on
> interoperability and co-operation between creative Free Software
> projects. [bla bla bla].

Right, well good we can agree upon that general name, right? Should I go
ahead and get this subdomain and get us three assigned to it on fd.o? Or
do we need more debate on this?

> Our main goals are:
>     * <a href="/planet/">To provide Planet aggregation of blogs and news
> feeds for creative Free Software</a>
>     * <a href="/wiki/UI">To encourage a common interface</a>
>     * etc.
> -----

Right, I see it as this:

1. provide aggregration of blogs/news feeds from creative floss projects
and developers (main planet site)
2. provide wiki space for shared discussion/standardization

in the future:

3. shared space for shared code (shared project space)
4. inter-project discussion space (chat/IM)

> This would mean that there is a strong focus on the Planet, whilst
> avoiding it becoming the *only* focus.

Okay, I just think we should do one thing well first. The planet can be
like the news section on many sites, and these links can be at the top
or on the sidebar to the wiki, and various standardizations. Another
thing, this create.freedesktop.org will not have that much content to
start with, and I think better to put everything on the main page rather
than make ppl. wade through developing content. IMO, I think this a
better approach. Of course, once up, we can tweak. IME (in my
experience), it is better to have one good service that is visible that
attracts others to plug into this level of activity. ROCK!

> >I think this seems like a good way to consolidate what we are talking
> >about here, and also provide progress. I thought about the name a lot
> >and came to this conclusion. If you all agree, then NICU, can you take
> >the lead on the planet.openclipart.org, and then I can get the subdomain
> >and new project-dom for the create.freedesktop.org from fd.o. Then maybe
> >both NICU and Jonathan, you can help implement the
> >create.freedesktop.org site with the planet aggregation.
> >  
> >
> Sure. Is this more or less of a priority than WordPress-ing the OCAL news?

I think WordPressing the OCAL news is more of priority...that is a
defined task and we are still trying to sort out htis CREATE idea. ;)



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