[Clipart] metadata: aren't the keywords actually categories (and can keywords be added)?

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Fri Apr 15 10:42:24 PDT 2005

Mike Traum wrote:
> I see - this all makes sense now. When you do implement the
> hierarchy-en.xml type system, I encourage you to distrubte that with
> the packages. That way, a client application wanting to import your
> packages (a clip organizer, for example) could digest it.

Our intention would be for end users got get a localized package.
We would also make the raw collection and the hierarchies and tools
available, for the benefit of vendors and redistributors, but we
would expect end users to prefer a localized package.

> This brings up the question about how your packages are structured,
> though. Right now, you're structing the packages with files in their
> category. 

Yes, right now, because we do not have that stuff in place yet,
the package we are distributing is also standing in for an
English-localized package, in addition to standing in for the
repository system we also don't have in place yet.  Long term,
those things will not be the same.

 > What happends if a file is in multiple categories?

Then it's in multiple categories.

 > I think this is the reason Microsoft chose to distribute their
 > clipart in one big xml file.

You could have fooled me.  The last time I saw a Microsoft clipart
distribution, it was a bunch of TIFFs in directories with no
metadata at all.  (Maybe I'm just behind the times; I haven't seen
the latest versions of every Microsoft offering.)

 > Maybe openclipart should be doing the same once a clip art
 > organizer application is written?

Non sequiteur.  I envision four ways we will want to make
the clip art available:
* Periodic releases of the raw unlocalized collection, as a big
   fat zipfile/tarball, plus the localization hierarchies,
   localization and filtering tools, and other stuff.  This is
   the form we would suggest to redistributors and vendors.
   Think of this as like the "source code" release that
   application developers put out, only for clip art.
* Localized packages for end users, again probably as zipfiles
   or tarballs, but prefiltered/localized/whatever according
   to the requirements of a specific locale.  Think of this as
   like the precompiled binaries that application developers
   distribute, only for clip art.
* Through direct access to the document management system.
   Think of this as like the way some applications can be
   checked out from anonymous CVS.  Sort of.
* Through the online browse (and possibly search) interface.

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