[Clipart] clipart-authority-control.pl and propagate-metadata.pl patches

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Fri Apr 29 10:07:58 PDT 2005

Stephen Silver wrote:

> Not quite: the .txt files need to be in UTF-8, otherwise they won't be
> able to contain all the necessary characters.  So the open statement
> on line 134 needs to be fixed.

Yes (and I changed that on my system), but this will impact just the
precise details of the web-browse tool's metadata display; the images
themselves (the SVG files) will not be impacted by this at all
(including in the browse), so I consider this less urgent, i.e., not
urgent enough to warrant my panicking and scrambling to get it a patch
in and turned around in time for this release, which is what I was
about to try to do if svg_validate did stuff with the metadata.

> I think the browse script on the website can already handle non-ASCII
> characters in the .txt files, as long as they are in UTF-8.  It just
> copies the bytes unchanged to the XHTML page, so it doesn't need to do
> any decoding/encoding.

Cool.  One less thing to need to fix :-)

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