[Clipart] OpenClipart and Debian.

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Wed Jan 12 23:05:07 PST 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Bryce Harrington wrote:
> > > Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> > > > Why anyone should find flags offensive is a mystery to me, though.
> > > 
> > > Irrelevant. You can't impose your personal morality or that of your nation 
> > > or culture on everyone else.
> > 
> > Ahem, *you* are attempting to impose Germany's morality/culture on
> > everyone else.
> Of course not. I would treat any significant group of people with the same 
> respect for their beliefs. As I said in my example, I accept and respect 
> the American sensitivities even if I don't understand them. So quite the 
> contrary, I make an effort to respect everyone's.

Well, clearly you're offending people here on this list, so while you
claim to be respectful of other people's sensitivities, clearly you're
failing to do so here.  

What people here in this group are saying is that we care very much
about freedom of speech, and do not want to be forced to take on the
role of becoming censors.  Your emails sound like you are demanding us
to become censors for Germany.  

These people are telling you, a) censorship is offensive to them, b)
they do not wish to act as censors, c) they accept and respect that some
people want censorship for whatever reason, d) we are so respectful of
this that we will even provide tools and mechanisms for doing censorship
even though we personally don't want it, and e) if you care deeply about
this, then you either should participate and help develop this or be
patient and respect that people in this project are volunteers and only
have small amounts of time to put in.

> > And you continue to press the point even after everyone has basically
> > agreed that there should be some filtering tools.
> > 
> > One can only conclude that you're intentionally trying to pick a fight.  
> Please don't say that, it's not nice. And no, I'm not. 

Well, within the past few days you've suggested that the people here are
insensitive, unreasonable, and irresponsible.  You've called people's
comments and positions irrelevant and silly.  You go on about how what
we're doing is illegal in Germany, when most of us haven't ever been to
Germany.  These are all rather rude things to say to people, and makes
them angry and quarrelsome.  This is why I say that someone could think
you're trying to pick a fight.

> My message I got from that email was belitting the views and laws of a
> large and educated group of people. I wanted to respond.

It would be preferrable to focus your comments onto the solutions Ted
proposed rather than arguing about the opinions he expresses.  

> And I did not get the impression that he was agreeing to filtering. He
> seemed to think that I was propsing a complete removal of the flag,
> and I corrected that.

In some of your emails it does sound like you are proposing for complete
removal of the flag.  It is good that you clarify that.  In other emails
you have proposed use of keywords to mark the flags, which actually has
already been implemented.  However, you do not appear to acknowledge
that we already have an approach planned out for this, and much of the
code implemented for it. 


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