[Clipart] OpenClipart and Debian.

Boštjan Špetič igzebedze at auch.eu.org
Thu Jan 13 04:07:36 PST 2005

> Thus, please read through the *many* replies and propose the best way to deal
> with what you are suggesting. Even better would be to spend some time making it
> happen. We are all reasonable people and we need to make sure our community is
> based on respect and sound arguments and not rash judgments and tactics of
> necessity and urgency.

you guys are totaly overreacting. the very first proposal was in my oppinion the best one. ocal is a growing internet project, and whatever distribution is always a sample. the packager of the distribution is responsible for it, and as long as we are not fighting over censoring the actual on-line repository, it really doesn't matter. if debian doesn't want the nazi flag, ok, take it out and package. when they show up and don't want the hummer clip, take that one out also. in a month or so there will be no more complaints.

if  the nazi flag is illegal in germany, that really means that it shouldn't be published or publicly exposed. i as an individual can have on my computer whatever nazi symbols or pirated films i want. it's MY responsibility, not OCAL's.

and i think that any additional categorizing would only complicate the repository. ok, filtering, ok, metadata, those two are cool any way. but other than that, it's hard enough to make a meaningful categories, even when not pressed with ideologies.

regards, bostjan
igzebedze - he who speaks loud and say nothing

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