[off-topic] Re: [Clipart] nazi flag ban called for in the EU by germany post-harry costume

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon Jan 17 02:50:16 PST 2005

Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> writes:

> In related news to our previous discussion about this flag:
> http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-01/16/content_2468602.htm

That's really scary.  Positively Orwellian.

"In a Europe of peace and freedom there should be no place for Nazi
symbols," sounds *exactly* like something Hitler might have said
publically about symbols or materials related to communism or one of
his other political bogeys.  This is frightening.

You can't have peace and freedom when you supress opposing political
views in this fashion.  In the US, I'm happy to say, we have a Nazi
party.  I'm even happier to report that it's so unpopular as to be
obscure, and most folks don't even know it exists, and none of its
candidates (if it even runs any) have ever been elected anywhere.  But
they're allowed to show any flag they like.  And the Communist party,
which has a similar chance of ever getting anyone elected here, can do
the same thing.

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