[Clipart] nazi flag ban called for in the EU by germany post-harry

Jose Hevia 100026838 at alumnos.uc3m.es
Mon Jan 17 14:29:02 PST 2005

> On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> > I'd like to point out that some important projects (like OOo and KDE) as
> > well as distributors (Mandrake and SuSE) are primarily located in
the EU.
> Also, projects like GNOME and others have debated these issues many times .
> A quick google search turns up this thread:
  I think,as others have pointed out that we should not mark nazi flag
as offensive or so (although it's certainly for a lot of people,same
with Russia or China communist flag,eyes, nose, face is offensive in
some muslim countries...).This is something that others have to do in
redistribution of OCAL.

  If we start making that, we will make someone censor and this is
something I don't want(Hey ,you censored that then you have to censor
this...),because we will split with politics ,religion,etc.
  For me ,(I'm european)it's an historical flag,I saw that in a lot of
films, documentaries ,games and I think there is no problem if we are
serious.We are not saying communist/fascism/nationalisms is good/bad yet
,we have to decide what to do if we got something like:

-A che guevara/Lenin/Franco/Castro quote bringing the goods of the fight
against their enemies.
-Crist is the Lord.Ala ...(arab characters that we don't understand).

It's only about time they will get in.If we admit it then I thing it
doesn't hurt to include something like a shot legal post in OCAL:
  OCAL doesn't get responsible for the content's of it's public domain
submitted by volunteers archive. 
                Just thoughts                            Jose Hevia 

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