[Clipart] Re: nazi flag ban called for in the EU by germany post-harry costume

Mat Hounsell mat_geek at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jan 17 17:23:41 PST 2005

If the appropriateness of images is a concern, then may I suggest that this
project take a purely (apolitical) technical/librarian stance.

If you say "we are going to accept any image" then you open yourself to images
that members will consider inappropriate, even offensive.

If you block one image then you will find yourself being asked to block more
and more images. Not to mention being taken to task for blocking images.

Perhaps , rather than refusing images, you are better instituting a benefit

  A symbol will be accepted if it
  * is specified in a (international) standard [e.g. biohazard]
  * is a professional symbol
  * is a historical symbol [e.g. nazi flag, ussr flag]

  An image will be accepted if it
  * conveys a simple universal idea 

Yes, it is not terriblely well defined at the moment; but you refine it as you
go. You look at each image and ask what does this image convey? What benefit
will it's use give our user?

A simple litmus test:
Could thim image help a high school student with a project?

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