[Clipart] world maps

Jose Hevia 100026838 at alumnos.uc3m.es
Thu Jan 27 16:39:48 PST 2005

> > I'm not sure how to contact the artist, Jose Hevia, who created the
> > maps featured in the Open Clipart gallery under unsorted. The person
did a
> > great job except for the glaring error of missing out all the major
> lakes in
> > the Americas (world_map_02.svg). I'm working on adapting the map to
> include
> > at least the Great Lakes as well as Lake Winnipeg. As someone from
> > it looks a bit silly not to have a great big body of water next door.
> > 
> > Keep up the great work!
> > 
> > Herb vandenDool
> > 
  Well, I'm the "artist".I missed out all the mayor lakes in
Americas,Europe ,a lot of little islands near the recent Tsunami,New
Zealand,east Maldives(Sandwich) , maybe Hawaii ...
   Fell free to modify/add what you want,it's public domain and you
 could,you are welcome and,it would be nice,but I don't have time to do
 it by my self.
   I thought about making rivers and mountains,but now there are more
 priority stuff under OCAL to do ,in my opinion, improving the way
people access the data.It counts nothing what you do if people have not
a simple and fast way of accessing the archives.(I couldn't find my own
  As you said this is unsorted, but I included it under America,Europe
keywords ,and so on.I feel the way OCAL archives data and you retrieve
it is very confusing (a lot of directories).Very painful to access.
  I started coding a GTK app ,now it's vaporware, to search the way
google does(using metadata,and why not? content,I think I put names to
countries,like France,Germany) ,for clip art,only a gtkcombo ,with a
list displaying the png thumbnails previously generated.
  You click a file and inkscape is loaded with it.
The idea it's to sort OCAL the way the user likes/needs,not the way
packers wanted it and add keywords from the app,in a simple manner
without using command line.The strong part is the searching algorithm
,and I will spend my spare time with it, not with art.

   Bye                                 Jose Hevia.


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