[Clipart] world maps

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Thu Jan 27 22:43:18 PST 2005

Jose Hevia wrote:
>   I started coding a GTK app ,now it's vaporware, to search the way
> google does(using metadata,and why not? content,I think I put names to
> countries,like France,Germany) ,for clip art,only a gtkcombo ,with a
> list displaying the png thumbnails previously generated.
>   You click a file and inkscape is loaded with it.
> The idea it's to sort OCAL the way the user likes/needs,not the way
> packers wanted it and add keywords from the app,in a simple manner
> without using command line.The strong part is the searching algorithm
> ,and I will spend my spare time with it, not with art.

after reading about inclusion of an OCAL package in Debian i was 
thinking about how to persuade other distros to include it.
i couldn't find many arguments for this, as i'm not sure our images have 
any practical use beside Inkscape, Scribus and Sodipodi, which are not 
in the base install of many distros.
i believe such app could increase the usefulness of our collection and 
make it more appealing for distros.


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