[Clipart] Continuing improving the openclipart flag collection

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Fri Jan 28 07:38:01 PST 2005

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <christian at fluendo.com> writes:

> a) Move flags away from Geography - that is not the correct section
> for them as a lot of flags have no correlation at all to
> Geography. The Signs and symbols is probably a better category,
> especially since I put the sign keyword into every flag

Okay.  I knew "Geography" wasn't a perfect fit, but I wasn't sure
where to put them.  I guess Signs & Symbols makes as much sense as
anything.  This is an easy change to make when we do the release
(probably this weekend).  The release announcement should probably
mention it, though.

> b) Move out the crests that have gotten into the flags collection into a
> separate subsection

Is there an easy way to identify them -- i.e., do they all have a
certain keyword that none of the (other) flags have?  (If not, we'll
have to construct a list of them.)

> c) Re-order some of the flags.Subnational flags should be grouped and
> maybe put into national subsection for instance. So under Europe it
> should probably be a France and Germany subsection for instance.

Makes sense.  We can start this process for 0.10, but it probably
won't be completed until after 0.10.

> e) Clean up titles to only have flag name, not author etc.

Yeah, the author should be in the creator field of the metadata, not
in the title field.  I hadn't noticed this issue, because I was mostly
focusing on the keywords and trusting the rest of the metadata to be

> I am more than willing to do the work needed for this myself, but I
> would need someone to explain me how I can do it in a way that works
> for the way openclipart works atm. I am still not sure what parts of
> the process are manual, what are automatic etc.

Yeah, that's a bit confusing, as we're still working on improving our
process.  What's manual this month might be automatic next month.  If
you are making changes to the metadata (e.g., pulling the author out
of the title field into the creator field), the best approach is going
to depend on how many images you're changing.  If it's a handful of
images, I'd say just resubmit the images with your changes, either
individually or in a zipfile or tarball.

If the metadata need to change on a *lot* of the images, probably the
better approach is to wait for the 0.10 release (since the directory
structure of the flags will have changed substantially since 0.9),
unzip/untar it, make your changes to the metadata, then retar/rezip up
just the flags subdirectory tree and submit that, and it can be
integrated in as a whole for the subsequent release.

Another possible approach once 0.10 comes out is to write a script
that makes the metadata changes en situ, using SVG::Metadata or
whatever, and we can run it from the flags subdirectory.

At this point I wouldn't recommend basing any significant work on the
directory structure in 0.9, since that's going to be obsolete very
soon.  This is my Saturday at work, so I will probably start the
release process tonight if I'm doing it again, and plan to upload
the result to the server circa Sunday night for a Monday release.

And I probably should do the release again this time, so that I can
make sure my updated and revised version of the release procedure (as
posted on the Wiki) works as advertised.  If that's okay with

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