[Clipart] Re: The PNG problem in Windows Internet Explorer

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Fri Jan 28 15:53:09 PST 2005

Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> "Jonadab the Unsightly One" <jonadab at bright.net> writes:
>>We don't want the site to be totally unviewable in earlier versions,
>>but if the background colour of the images is off, that seems like a
>>pretty minor problem for a browser that old.  (And I suspect it's
>>not our worst problem; the CSS layout probably breaks too, in 4.x if
>>not in 5.0.
> Okay, for the first installment of this, I installed Win95 OSR2 (on
> VMWare Workstation) and had a look at the site using IE 3.0.  The site
> is *theoretically* navigable and usable (which I think speaks well of
> our design, frankly), but it's sure not pretty.  Among other things...
>  * Almost all images on the site cannot display, because PNG is not
>    supported by IE 3.0 at all, period.  You see a little red X where
>    each image would be.
>  * CSS is pretty much totally unsupported as well, so it's like the
>    stylesheets aren't even there.  This has rather significant
>    implications for the layout (lots of vertical scrolling is needed,
>    and Win95 doesn't support scrollmice either), also for colors, and
>    so on.
>  * The XML declaration leaks out into the page, because IE3 doesn't
>    understand that it's part of the markup.
>  * On the Wiki, the navigation options (including "edit the text of
>    this page") aren't visible.
> Screenshots available upon request.
> However, this is a really old and quite pathetic browser, and anyone
> who's still using it must be accustomed to most of the web not
> displaying as intended, if at all.  (When I started using this OS back
> when I got my first non-secondhand PC, the first thing I used IE for
> was to download Navigator 4.0.)
> I'll try to dig up the Win98 SE CD and have a look at it in IE4 next.
> That should be a little better.

Hahhaha...this is like historical laughs. I only think we should try to be 
accountable for our site working on IE 5.5 and greater, mozilla, firefox, safari 
on as many platforms as possible (majorly LINUX/PC/MAC). In the end we have to 
draw the line somewhere though, right?


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