[Clipart] Continuing improving the openclipart flag collection

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sun Jan 30 12:20:37 PST 2005

Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> writes:

> Can you post a list to the roadmap of tasks that others can help out
> with with the scripts you created. This is something that could wait
> until after the release. I feel that too much weight is being put upon
> you to make so many of the scripts for this project. Don't get me
> wrong, the work you are doing is great and greatly appreciated, but I
> would like to help and I think it would be good as an entrypoint for
> others to the current scripts.

I was trying to shift some weight off Bryce.

> Also, how much of the processes that you have created are documented
> on the wiki? It would be cool if you took a bit of time and wrote down
> some of these things.

I did a little extra during January, because the classes for the
language I'm studying haven't been meeting.  (They start up again in a
couple of weeks.)  One of the things I'm doing in this respect is
documenting the release process in greater detail.  You can see what I
documented last time here:

This time I want to test that document by following it closely as I do
the release, to make sure it is right.  (Also I think we have a new
step to add to it: doing any desired authority control on the new
images.)  One of my goals is to get that release procedures document
in good enough shape that anyone with an account on the server can
follow it, so that if one person is busy at the end of a certain
month, someone else can step in.

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