[Clipart] Snafu with the release process

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon Jan 31 05:07:46 PST 2005

Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> writes:

> I hope it is something simple. What are your thoughts on the problem?

I haven't diagnosed it completely yet.  I only got as far last night
as pinning it down to a certain step in the release procedure; I know
*when* it's happening and just have to look into *why*.

> I think though that we are okay to continue and do this month's
> release. Do you agree?

Yes.  The files that *are* included seem to be fine, and it seems
unrealistic to try to fix this and include them by the end of January
at this point, given that we don't know quite what went wrong yet.

>> /srv/clipart.freedesktop.org/clipart_web/downloads/0.10/

BTW, I've also packaged up some of the tools, which can be found in an
openclipart-0.10-tools file in that same directory.  This includes the
clipart-filter script, that (re)distributors can use to create subsets
of the collection.

> Yeah, we need to look into this....first thing post-release, as the
> files are still there, but we just haven't refined our process
> enough to move them...

We still have the incoming-pre-0.09 and incoming-pre-0.10 directories,
and possibly a couple from earlier releases as well, so we should
still have many of the files in question, once we figure out what is

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