[Clipart] Author Statistics...

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon Jan 31 06:59:09 PST 2005

I've added an authorstats option to clipart-authority-control.pl and
checked the change into CVS.  This is rough and will not produce
precisely correct statistics, because of several factors (most
notably, some of the images are in more than one location in the
collection and so will be counted more than once), but it should be
good for giving us a rough idea.

It appears that in 0.10 our top five authors, with over 100 images
each, are Danny Allen, Jose Hevia, Nicu Buculei, Andy Fitzsimon, and
Alan Horkan.  (I am more confident that these really are the top five
than I am of the order or counts in general, because the gap between
them and the next one down the list is a (binary order of) magnitude.)

Altogether it appears that there are some 200+ contributors, though
some of those may be duplicates, due to whitespace or other slight
variances causing someone to be listed more than once, so it may not
be quite 200 really; still, there are a good number of contributors.

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