[Clipart] Re: Gentoo and OpenClipart

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sun Jul 17 10:24:20 PDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 18:55 +0200, Gavin Panella wrote:
> On Sunday 17 July 2005 16:03, you wrote:
> > Hi you all,
> >
> > thank you for the info. Yes, indeed OpenClipart ebuild is in portage tree
> > and it works fine.
> >
> > One remark: I noticed that in "openclipart-0.14.ebuild" local
> > TARGET="/usr/share/openclipart" differs from the other two ebuilds which
> > have local TARGET="/usr/share/clipart"
> > I would advice to adjust openclipart-0.14.ebuild to the other two ebuild
> > standards.
> The general consensus seems to be to install 
> to /usr/share/clipart/openclipart, so my ebuilds are all wrong :-(
> Recently an 'official' openclipart ebuild has made it into the Portage tree, 
> in x11-misc/openclipart. This seems to do the right thing, so perhaps it's 
> best to use that one. It has some issues, but none critical right now.

I think so...since gentoo is building, let them do the work. That way
you guys can focus on other OCAL tasks :)

> > Also, one question: Now that I have openclipart installed, is there any
> > application interface (like in Micro&oft that it has a clipart application
> > where tou can browse all cliparts,......) that I will run and when I need a
> > picture I would use it? In other words, hwo to use openclipart now, in
> > relation to other applications?
> I use kuickshow to go through them. It's not so good at previewing the SVG 
> files, but it shows the PNG previews alongside.

The task we all want so much...luckily, Greg Steffensen is doing this
for Google Summer of Code...


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