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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sun Jul 17 18:10:48 PDT 2005

imia at email.it writes:

> Excuse me, I not speak english.

Your English is better than my Italian.

A native speaker of English would generally say, "I do not speak
Italian" (or whatever language).  (The "do" is a helping verb that
does not really carry any information but just makes it sound better
to us; we usually say "do not" rather than just "not" when negating a
verb in the present tense.)

But I had no problem understanding what you meant.
> artist Francesco Rollandin = Rollandin Francesco = Architetto Francesco
> Rollandin
> in list www.openclipart.org
> Thank you 

Do you want the metadata on the images to be adjusted so that these
are all listed as the same?  Which of these names do you prefer to be
listed under?  Should they all be "Architetto Francesco Rollandin"?

To the list:  we currently don't have an automated way to do this, but
it's something the authority control *ought* to be able to do;
currently it only does keywords, but it *should* handle author data as
well, and probably titles also.  Of course, we ultimately want to
build that functionality on the DMS, but ad interim the authority
control script could be made to do it.

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