[Clipart] 3000+ SVG files available

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Thu Mar 3 03:12:35 PST 2005

Raymond Penners wrote:

> In fact, you are in the same situation when an individual uploads a
> clipart file. You simply have to believe the statement of the
> individual that the file obeys the proper license conditions. There is
> no solid way to validate this claim.  Now, the only difference with my
> converted set of SVG files is the amount of files involved.

There is one other difference. Every other contribution is done by the 
author of the file. It's not the same thing when you say "this is my file 
and it's public domain" versus when you say "I got this file from various 
sites, and they are public domain".

I would love to see these images added to OpenClipArt, but I also 
understand the concerns expressed here. And as Stephen pointed out, it 
looks like the site owner doesn't really understand what public domain is.

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