[Clipart] release 13 coming up

Holger Will holger at treebuilder.de
Mon May 2 13:56:14 PDT 2005

Stephen Silver wrote:

>Andrew Archibald wrote:
>>I think it's more of a problem that the XML declaration and the
>>DOCTYPE are missing - that's just not a good idea, and it could
>>be part of what's giving viewers the fits.  (Is XML::Twig really
>>this broken?)
>I wasn't worried about the missing DOCTYPE, because there doesn't
>seem to be much point specifying a DTD that the file won't validate
>against.  If you look at the example of an SVG file with RDF metadata
>in the SVG specification (in section 21), you'll see that it has no
>DOCTYPE.  I would be surprised if this causes a problem for any SVG
>However, it has since occurred to me that simply stripping out the
>DOCTYPE may lose the SVG version number, if this isn't specified as
>an attribute of the 'svg' element.  I think we should be keeping this
>By the way, I can't even view these files in Inkscape 0.41.  I think
>it probably depends on which versions of libxml and/or Expat Inkscape
>is built with.
>Holger Will has told me that the files don't work in Mozilla's native
>SVG implementation either.
as discused in a private email with Stephan Silver, i did the following:

> 1) add <?xml version="1.0"?> to the beginning of each file.
> 2) replace "svg:" with ""
> 3) change "xmlns:svg" to "xmlns"

that should fix the problems. i havent tested all files ;-) , but what 
i've tested runs fine in mozilla. should do fine in  Konqueror,ASV,Batik
you can download the fixed files at
hope all works ok with these files!

all the best

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